Thursday, September 27, 2007

And Happy Freaking Birthday, Shannon!

So...a friend of mine lives in Mississippi. I live in Oklahoma. We decided that since she'd never had any of my awesome cuppies, that she REALLY needed to.

So we decided to try an experiment. The experiment of "how badly will beautiful caramel apple cupcakes be destroyed on a 2-day trip in the US mail?"

I think the answer is clear.





And, because I can't. stop. laughing. at this experiment gone's another picture of the dead cupcakes. It's so sad....but, CRAP, so funny!

Happy Birthday, Shannon. I hope you enjoy your present.



Shannon said...

I LOVE MY CUPPYS!!! No matter what they got here looking like! :) They taste awesome, which truly is the ONLY thing that matters! Plus there was all the thought that went into it!!

But I did feel really bad for you when I opened the box. I knew you were going to be so disappointed.

That's just one more reason I need to get my butt to Tulsa! So I can have your cupcakes in all their natural glory. LOL! Smooches!!!

BetteJo said...

It's a good thing you took a picture before you sent them! And Shannon must be a true friend to eat them even looking the way they did when they arrived. Or - she has a really strong sweet tooth! :)

They really were beautiful before the USPS got hold of them! Valiant effort tho!

michele said...

Good thing you didn't ship UPS.. they have a tendency to 'kick' their boxes around. Cuppies would have been smashed!!

But, there has GOT to be a way to ship them.. I'm on it!

How To Eat A Cupcake said...

LOL that is very funny, but it was such a nice thought! :D

Muse said...

OMG!!!! This is so funny yet so SAD!!! Poor Shannon! Bet they were yummy anyway!

They looked awesome in the first pic! I need to hang out here more often!!

You're becoming a real pro MS. Chase!

patricia said...

Wow how mwssy!! but soo funny too, maybe you should try linning them with foam so they dont move and freeze them and send them with some dry ice in a foaam cooler!

jasen said...

Tango Cakes seems like a really good name for cooking! Creative and fun cake!! thumbs up!!