Thursday, October 4, 2007

Warning : It's Ugly

Ok. So after going to the wedding cake show, I had to try a cake. HAD. TO.

And it was fun....but MESSY. And it turned out pretty darn ugly. And I might have said a few cuss words while trying to get it together.

But here it is...step by way-too-messy step. And not...quite...100% finished.

This cake is SO totally me. Gotta love it.

Again? Remember this is my first cake. And if you're a future client of mine, please SKIP THIS POST because you will run far far away. Just keep looking at the cupcakes. Thanks.

I used box cake because I'm not THAT ambitious. I made it in a 9x13 pan and cut it in half for the first level. See how NOT even it is? That's jealous.

And see the big ol' crack right down the center? Yeah....typical me, too. Me : totally cracked. (I turned the cake upside down before it'd cooled all the way and it just split down the center. Whodathunk?)

After icing the first layer with buttercream. I found out later this is called "crumbing". And I was cursing the whole time because ALL !!THE!! CRUMBS!!!!!! I wish I would have learned the whole "crumbing" term a little earlier. It would have saved my fiance from hearing all those dirty words.

I then made a second cake (box mix, helllloo, friend!) and cut it in shapes for the 2nd and 3rd layers.

I'd premade some little fondant flowers. TONS of them. Waaaay too many of them. Maybe I'm a LITTLE ambitious. Or not properly or the other.

And also some fondant diamonds. That were too big for what I needed. Ambitious - and also a tad dim-witted.

The second layer is attached and iced now. With a different buttercream. Because I was using all my leftovers. Vanilla flavor cake with all-the-leftovers-in-the-freezer flavor icing...yummy, huh?

Third layer, up. It's looking a little like the Blob now. The mixture of the icings didn't smell so good either. Caramel spice and vanilla and mint. *shudder*

Then I applied the flowers and diamonds and dragees.

The top layer was supposed to be white fondant with white piped icing in a lace pattern, but that didn't work out quite right. I cut the fondant WAY too small and it barely covered one side. HA! So I just threw it away and decided to call it a night.

Now you see how I work in my kitchen. It's kinda like closing my eyes and slinging around a piping bag until I hit something solid.

Impressive, I know.


Belinda said... haven't made an audition tape for "Ace of Cakes" yet? Hee. You are awesome for just putting it all out there, Chica. You can make cakes (and cupcakes) for me any day!

And BTW, how come it is always the hot-bodied women who make the faboo cupcakes? Are you not EATING them?

Tango Cakes said...

LOL! Hush, you. Give me a few more weeks and I'll have an amazing one! ;)

And no, I don't eat the cakes. Or the cupcakes for that matter. I give them all away. Wanna come down here and get some? You're more than welcomed to them! :)

Erin said...

Dude, doesn't Paula spell her last name Dean? And also - that cake is SUPERB. I'd eat it. It still looks like it tastes good, except for all the flowers. I'm not a huge fan of fondant.

Erin said...

Also, you DON'T EAT THEM? Whyever not?

Jennie said...

This doesn't look bad for your first time out of the gate! I think you have quite the career ahead of you.

Anonymous said...

this looks pretty good!
keep it up!

BetteJo said...

That was great! Loved the play by play!

michele said...

You're killin' me! I could just hear the potty mouth you had goin' on! I too, bake like that. Only I refuse to go back and try again, that's why I have teenagers that love to bake!!

FYI: Just hearing the mix of icing flavors gave me heartburn

Great job though! I can't wait for the next attempt!!

mommiebear2 said...

I think it turned out pretty dang good, I even showed it to hubby and he was quite impressed!

Cindi said...

You rock! Seriously, you get my total admiration for all the work you did, and I can tell that was a lot of hours! Personally, I think it's purty damn good for your first time.

What's up with TTW? It keeps monitoring and not posting my comments. What gives, woman?!?!? LOL

cassie said...

You seriously never cease to amaze me.

I'd eat it!

I love you. Happy birthday a lil late. I suck.

Mocha said...

I'm so jealous of you. Your talent. Your mixer. YOUR LIFE. GAAHHHHH.

Send me cake and it will be all even.